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My primary activity now focuses on the business surveys that I do for Greater Grand Rapids and Southwestern Michigan, I have two basic speeches that I am still giving:

"What Every Supply Manager Should Know About Economics"

From the simplistic world of thirty years ago, the new economic environment has challenged the purchasing professional with a wide variety of problem and opportunities. This presentation will concentrate on a professional purchaser's prospective of the 21st century economy as it relates to foreign competition, outsourcing, energy, China, shortages, and other economic problems which relate to the supply management environment.

"West Michigan: An Economic Perspective"

Everyone says Michigan is in a lot of trouble, but that the worst may be behind us. This session will assess the progress in the recovery from the 2008-2009 recession, and provide a prospective of the current industrial climate from the results of our local business survey. Finally, a look at the future will "Michigan: An Economic Perspective"

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