Testimonials of Past Participants

What People Have Said About
"Purchasing: The Fundamentals" Seminars

"Work exercises were great, and they allowed associates time to interact and share company policies and situations." — P.J., Taylor, MI

"Dr. Long was very educated on the business world and purchasing. His examples brought all topics into real world practices and understandable. I learned a lot of ideas to bring back into my everyday duties." — K.S., Dearborn, MI

"It was very informative. The seminar should have been longer. I very glad I took the time to attend this seminar." — H.H., Fremont, CA

"Very informative, very comfortable atmosphere, very interesting info from instructor and other participants." — H.E., Santa Clara, CA

"I thought the seminar was very informative. I think Brian Long is very intelligent in many areas. I could not have asked for a more informative instructor." — N. K., Elk Grove Village, IL

"An excellent fundamental seminar and good group interaction." — G.Y., Phoenix, AZ

"Even after being in Purchasing for 2 1/2 years, I still learned valuable information. The seminar answered a lot of questions that my buyers usually don't have time to answer. Thank you." — P.B., Phoenix, AZ

"This is an excellent seminar, well presented and pertinent information brought out. I will recommend it to others in my department." — K.P., Houston, TX

"Very interesting. Good opportunity to exchange ideas with all participants." — G.A., Madison, WI

"Helpful specific ideas. Thought provoking examples. The seminar also develops a cautious and creative mind set for the newer buyer." — M.N., Milwaukee, WI

"Brian Long kept the seminar interesting and the informational material understandable." — S.B., Watertown, WI

"The examples given were very helpful. The instructor was very knowledgeable and interesting. The time went too fast." — S.N., San Jose, CA

"I am truly impressed with Dr. Long's knowledge of each subject discussed. He was very informative, clear, precise yet simply understood making it easy for the new purchasing agent. This seminar has been a great help in my reaching my goal as a valuable C.P.M. Thank you." — H.W., Carlsbad, CA

"A learning experience to remember!" — E.G., Escondido, CA

What People Have Said About
"Purchasing Negotiations" Seminars

"The seminar was very informative and presented in an excellent (interesting) manner." — S.W., Houston, TX

"The seminar covered a wind range of negotiations encompassing all industries." — B.R., Houston, TX

"This seminar was very enlightening. The focus on the seller rather than the myself, the buyer, gave me a lot to think about." — G.F., Houston, TX

"The seminar was very beneficial. Excellent instructor." — E.L., Houston, TX

"This is my third seminar with Brian and by far his seminars are the very best I've attended. Keep it up!" — P.S., Grand Blanc, MI

"Excellent seminar, excellent instructor, extremely knowledgeable." — S.S., Detroit, MI

"The instructor's (Dr. Long) subject knowledge was most impressive and informative!!!" — E.T., Detroit, MI

"I was very impressed with the instructor's ability to keep my attention. His knowledge of everything involved is exemplary." — M.D. Exton, PA

"This is the best seminar I've ever attended." — R.J., Wyomissing, PA

"Very good seminar with new knowledge and enough levity to maintain a pleasant meeting." — C.J., Philadelphia, PA

"Excellent seminar. Learned some new methods of negotiation that will have immediate results." — J.M., Philadelphia, PA

"Overall this seminar was informative and very relative to my position. The instructor was very informative and his style resulted in an enjoyable and interesting seminar." — D.J., Paoli, PA

"This is one of the best seminars I have ever attended." — I.O., Irvine, CA

"Group activity on purchasing negotiation questions was excellent. It is interesting to hear comments from other buyers in different industries. Dr. Long is an excellent presenter." — A.G., Northlake, IL

Testimonials of Past Participants

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